Saturday, July 3, 2010

I didnt expect it to be this....boring!

At first, when Matt told me that Evan would be going away for 2 months this Summer - I have to admit, I was kind of excited... Not because I wanted him gone, but I thought Matt and I could have a nice "break". Well, not even 3 weeks since his departure, and I am missing him more than anything. It feels so pointless to have a BBQ or watch a movie, or go to the La Verne parade without Evan here.

We have talked to him 4-5 times, and we can hear in his voice that there will FOR SURE be some adjusting time needed when he comes home. His mom is playing "Disneyland", and, it's only been 3 weeks... Not to mention that 1-2 weeks after he gets home he will be starting junior high! Talk about stress! I'm done with my "break", and probably was ready for him to be home the day he left, but I can't change anything.

His mom texted Matt last night moving the day he comes home back by 1 day. Fine, but really?! One of her family member's kids are being blessed at the Mormon Church (yeah, another adjustment for Evan when he gets back) on the day he was to be here. One day, fine - but she better not pull this 1 day thing again.

Not a very exciting blog, but, my heart was just feeling heavy with how much I miss my little guy.