Sunday, April 25, 2010

What's on my mind...

So, I don't really have a purpose or a reason for this blog, but since I haven't posted one since our honeymoon, and since I am bored, I thought I would do one...

Our honeymoon was a relaxing and fun 6 days.. We did a LOT of things that we wouldn't usually while we were in Las Vegas. We went to the Clark County museum and learned and saw a lot of great things. We also went to the Ethel M. chocolate store and tour. Outside they had an awesome cactus garden that we got some cool pictures of. Then we went to Madam Tussuad's Wax museum and had a BLAST! We got a lot of really cool and funny pictures. 5 nights (yes, this is Emily writing), is too long. I can't believe I even said that. For Vegas, we were ready to be coming home after night 3, but then again, didn't want to rush our only honeymoon. The suite was awesome, the jetted tub was so relaxing, and everything about it was perfect!

I have finally decided that I am ready to start trying for another baby... I think. I realized that it's not up to me anyway, and I am leaving it up to God. If and when He thinks I am ready, He will be there with me. I am not going to go over board with OPKs and BBTs and all of the other conception techniques. I will just walk with Him and let him handle it. I am so terrified that I will have another miscarriage. I am also, I guess, jealous of all of the girls who are pregnant right now, and especially it's a sad feeling seeing the girls who are right around where I would have been now. Next Sunday, I would be 22 weeks. Over halfway there. It feels like time has FLOWN, and I wonder if it would have really gone this fast if I was still pregnant. Around now, I would be getting the initial things set up for the baby. Getting ready to register at the hospital, taking birthing classes... But, I'm not. My time will come.. I just have to trust in the Lord to carry me through. Most days are good these days.. But then I hear a song that I listened to when I was pregnant, or a song I listened to while I laid in bed waiting to miscarry and still cry. It hits like a quake. Unexpected and quick. I recover quickly, but it still hurts. So yeah, we are on the road to trying again.

Evan has been doing well. He is working on his 5th grade state report, and has picked Nevada (yes, I hinted to pick it). It's an interesting state actually. Most of the people who live in Nevada, aren't from there.. Something like 90someodd% of people in Nevada are from California. 1 in 3 people work in the Casino industry. It's actually not a well populated state. Anyway, he is lagging, and stalling.. as usual. His teacher has assigned 1 report every month since they started this year, and every month Matt and I dread the reports! Evan hates doing them. Most kids would buzz through it so they could go and play, but not Evan. Stalling, bathroom breaks every 10 minutes and crying. Lots of crying. It's miserable around report time (which is every month, until the current one was finished). We have tried so many different tactics, and helped him SO much, but nothing helps. He is an anti-report kind of kid I guess. Surprisingly, he is on task and on time for this one (of course, with a lot of coaxing by me and Matt). Besides the report baby drama, he is doing well. A's and B's in school, and seems he is doing better in class. His teacher would email weekly to let us know how he was doing (talkative and disruptive his last report card said), but hasn't for awhile now. Either he threatened her, or is being good! haha...

The summer is approaching quickly! A lot of you probably read the "Evan's mom drama" statuses I wrote earlier this week... His mom is nice, then heartless without any warning. She wants us to drop everything when she calls on Sundays for Evan, do whatever she asks, and basically kiss her ass. Well, I won't do it, and I think, I know, it pisses her off. But today I realized that... *WE* (me and Matt) feed him. WE do his laundry. WE sign him up and take him to his sports or classes. WE buy his clothes, underwear, toothbrushes, shampoo, toys, books and school supplies. WE do it all. Without a dime from her (Which she has said "will give up Evan before she pays us a dime". She wants us to let her take Evan earlier than she is allowed this summer. Nope, not gonna cave. She makes me very angry, but then I realize she has no leverage. None. So, I'm not worried about her.

Matt's health is doing very well these days (knock on wood)! He has been out of the hospital for about a year now, besides his infection last August. He still has some day to day issues, but nothing like 2 years ago. Praise God! I love him being well and happy and at home. He is my rock. I love him SO much. He is so amazing with everything he does for Evan and I, every single day, without fail. He is always doing things for us. Always. Amazing, kind and sweet man. My man. My life.

I have been listing on ebay these days like crazy! I have 47 things posted right now. My name on there is lucky4uitsalmostnew - if you wanna take a gander! I have all plus sized Lane Bryant, Venezia and Torrid listed. Size 14 - 20. Im hoping to do it full time soon. I love ebay. a LOT. I can sit with coffee and music and list like a machine. And the extra money helps too!

I'm off to bed! Tomorrow I go to SS to change my name! I have to go get a livescan done for IHSS and I have to get lab work done. I am getting my A1C done, and lots of other tests. Shouldn't be too long of a day, but a lot to do! I am so excited to become a Hudak! YAY!

I guess I did have a lot to write about! It's awesome how an empty blog space can fill up so quickly!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

It's time...

Alas, our honeymoon is finally upon us! We have waited a LONG 2 weeks to be venturing out on our "week" to celebrate our marriage.

We have not been on a "Matt and Me" vacation since February of 09! I know I've spilled every chance I had on our suite and everything else, but we are just so damn excited!!

We got a new Samsung camera from my mom, sister and brother for a wedding gift, just 2 days ago and CANNOT wait to cram it full of honeymoon pictures! It's the one that has the screen in the front too, and everyone knows I am addicted to taking those infamous "facebook self portraits"! 12.4 MP! So jazzed!!

And, last but not least, I will be celebrating the turn of a decade birthday while I am in Vegas. I am kind of torn. For a long time throughout my 20s I said, "I can't wait to turn 30!".... But now that it is only 4 days away I am a little nostalgic! Matt was giving me heat on turning 30, but don't worry, I quickly brought him back down, reminding him that in less than 3 years he will be turning 40, while I am still living it up in my 30s! :) I know 30s will be wonderful and a new sense of being alive and "Grown Up" will come, but while I am still in my 20s, I guess there is no better way to spend it than in the glorious Sin City!

Happy Easter everyone. For He is Risen today!