Sunday, April 4, 2010

It's time...

Alas, our honeymoon is finally upon us! We have waited a LONG 2 weeks to be venturing out on our "week" to celebrate our marriage.

We have not been on a "Matt and Me" vacation since February of 09! I know I've spilled every chance I had on our suite and everything else, but we are just so damn excited!!

We got a new Samsung camera from my mom, sister and brother for a wedding gift, just 2 days ago and CANNOT wait to cram it full of honeymoon pictures! It's the one that has the screen in the front too, and everyone knows I am addicted to taking those infamous "facebook self portraits"! 12.4 MP! So jazzed!!

And, last but not least, I will be celebrating the turn of a decade birthday while I am in Vegas. I am kind of torn. For a long time throughout my 20s I said, "I can't wait to turn 30!".... But now that it is only 4 days away I am a little nostalgic! Matt was giving me heat on turning 30, but don't worry, I quickly brought him back down, reminding him that in less than 3 years he will be turning 40, while I am still living it up in my 30s! :) I know 30s will be wonderful and a new sense of being alive and "Grown Up" will come, but while I am still in my 20s, I guess there is no better way to spend it than in the glorious Sin City!

Happy Easter everyone. For He is Risen today!