Saturday, June 12, 2010

Summer... Already?!

Is it really the eve of Summer? A time for flip flops, tank tops and swimming? It feels like just yesterday was Halloween. The wind-down from last Summer... The beginning of a new school year and Holidays to come. Now, it's starting all over again.

Last Summer was great. We had filled days of swimming, barbecues and fireworks!

This Summer will be much, much different from last. Up until this point I thought having a break from kids would be much needed and much smiled upon. It's not. When you become a mom, step mom, provider or guardian, you adjust to being with kids full-time, and this becomes your life. In 5 days Evan will leave us. Not forever, but it will sure feel like it. No La Verne parade or carnival, no Raging Waters trips or running through the sprinklers this Summer. It reminds me of sadder, lonelier days when Evan wasn't here. He will not be coming back to us until August sometime. He will return the week before he ventures on to a new school, with new kids and a new environment. Add that to having to readjust from being in Utah with his mom and brother and sister, I am not looking forward to it. Evan needs a "readjustment" period just from talking to his mom on the phone. You could imagine the chaos that will arrive come August when he is back in our home. It took us about this long (2 years) to adjust him to normal, for lack of a better term, sedentary lifestyle. Now it feels like we will have to do it all over again. But, I am up for it! I can't wait until he is home and we get to take him for his new school clothes and new school supplies!

Now, there is a part of me that will enjoy some of the "break". Matt and I will plan a trip to Las Vegas this Summer for such much needed R&R. We will be able to sleep in, eat whenever we want, go out when we want. But honestly, I would MUCH rather have him here with us. But, I am not selfish, and I know he needs to see him mom...

Maybe when Evan comes back in August we can tell him that he will no longer be the youngest kid, and will have a new baby brother or sister joining us! That would be really great!

We are back to trying for a baby once again. We waited the "suggested" period before trying after a miscarriage, and I just can't help but think it's going to take another year again to get pregnant! I really can say that I am completely jealous of the woman who just accidentally get pregnant, regardless if they want that baby or not. Or people who start trying to conceive and end up pregnant after one cycle. I know a handful of woman who feel the same as me. You just can't help but be jealous and selfish for wanting your OWN baby.... and NOW! :)

I started temping/charting this cycle, as well as reading an awesome book titled "Taking Charge Of Your Fertility"... This really does take the "fun" out of trying, but it also takes the "stress" out of trying. The plus side is, I AM ovulating! This is great news! Those of you couples out there trying - how do you get through the dreaded 2 week wait??? I find myself getting excited and anxious for O time, and then once that's over, I am so impatient to get through the 2 week wait... I am also a POAS addict, like many other woman. I burn through those tests like no tomorrow! All the while knowing, it's too early! Any ideas on getting through this time period easier? Let me know!

I guess I should go plan the last few days of fun (in California) for Evan! Yesterday we went to John's Incredible Pizza (I had a coupon for a free $20 funcard) and Evan had a BLAST! We were there for nearly 3 hours and Evan racked up a lot of tickets and got a lot of cute little toys. Today we are going to yard sales and the La Verne car show in downtown.

Have a great weekend!