Tuesday, January 19, 2010

So many tests... and a CRAZY storm!

This storm kind of sums up our last year and a half as a family. Rocky, quiet, loud and bright! We have been through and seen so many things, most people will never (luckily) have to deal with (Matt's health).

Each morning I am reminded at what an amazing path God has set up for us. Although are lives may not be perfect, they're OUR lives, and we love every second of it (even when I get baby brain, or baby emotions!).

This morning I had an appointment at Pomona Valley Lab for a bunch of the typical pregnancy tests. Rh and all those other ones. I also had the 3 hour fasting glucose test (yes, this one is early, but there was some concern I may be pre-diabetic, and my new Dr. is awesome and was just making sure). OMG... This "liquid" that I drank was so gut wrenching. I wanted to puke, and me being all emotional, actually started crying while I was drinking it. Matt was with me all along, and was SO very supportive. They told me I had 5 minutes to drink it, and those were the worst 5 minutes of the day! This stuff is bright orange, and tastes like flat orange soda, but about 100x more sugar. Sickening sugar. Then the rush... Then the crash. I got through it, which I knew I would. Unfortunately, I will probably have to do it again. The worst part is sitting in a hospital for 3+ hours! Ugh...

So the entire time we were at the hospital, rain did not fall. Of course, Murphy's Law as Matt put it.... As soon as we left, it started to POUR! We went to Corner Bakery to pick up lunch to bring home, and stopped at Sam's Club for some of Matt's "Chemo Bread (after his Remicade, not chemo chemo, he gets tired and doesn't eat much, so he eats the Hawaiian Rolls for about a week). On our way home, it was a torrential DOWNPOUR! We made it home, only to find that there was a TORNADO warning headed our way! Yeah, in Califoria! Insane, right?! We enjoyed our lunch, watching the news, and watching and listening to the thunder and lightning.

What started as an anxiety day (didnt want to do the fasting thing), ended up being a really great day with my Matty.

This baby will be here sooner that we can imagine (even though it feels like forever!!), and we have already started picking out names that we love, deciding on the babies nursery theme, and I have even bought and ordered some really cute maternity clothes (won't be able to wear for awhile though :( )! My mom ordered me some Maternity Yoga shorts from Old Navy, and she also ordered me a book and DVD. She is amazing. When I have to go to work she makes me breakfast when I get there every morning :). Love her.

I am so grateful for all of the love and support I have from so many family and friends (my Facebook friends are awesome!), and I give my biggest thanks to God.

It's now 6:20, and I am ready for BED!!!