Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tied the knot! Took the plunge! Marriage bliss!!

You are now reading a blog by Mrs. Emily Hudak! This past Saturday, the 20th of March, 2010, I married my soul mate, my love, my life. It was the most perfect day I could have ever dreamt up!
In front of all of our friends and family, we shared our vows and our promises to always be two people, as one. Our minister was awesome, and the day couldn't have been any better!

I was a TOTAL mess, and SUPER nervous before walking down the aisle to Matt. He hadn't seen me, and I hadn't seen him before the wedding. I even slept at my moms house the night before. He had no idea what my dress, hair, or anything would look like, and as soon as I turned the corner for him to see me, he melted. It was so sweet to see my future husband, crying and emotional from seeing his soon-to-be wife. I thought I would be the bawling mess, but it ended up being Matt. And it has left the most special, loving feeling in my heart for him. To see a man cry, to allow his emotions to show, proves what a real man he really is.

We ended up having everyone show up, minus only a few people. The ceremony was a big blur, with me only remembering bits and pieces. Our reception was so fun, and very laid back. The dance floor filled up with brothers and sisters, nieces, cousins and friends! The day could not have been any better, and it will stay in my memory for many, many, many years to come. It really is the most special day you will have in your entire life. To know you love someone, and to offer your love for life, really is a special feeling.

We had our wedding night alone at home, and we leave for Las Vegas in 12 days! We will leave on Easter and come home on my birthday (the 8th)! We even get to stay in a King Suite for our entire stay - for FREE!!

This journey called life, is truly a blessing and an amazing thing. Life. Love. Laugh. I love you my handsome and smart HUSBAND, Matt. :)