Thursday, October 21, 2010

2010... Bittersweet

So I was telling Matt yesterday how BADLY I wanted the year 2010 to be over. How SO many awful things happened during the year.

But then I realized that some really great things have happened too, and why not think of it as at least a wash... A push. Tie.

In 2010....
  • I became pregnant with my very first child... (January)+
  • I lost my very first child at 8w6d... (February)-
  • I found out that I had a blood sugar problem, and quickly started to take control-/+
  • I married the man of my dreams. My soul mate! (March)+
  • I became pregnant with my second child... (May)+
  • I lost my second child at 13w...(August)-
  • I found out that I had an adrenal problem and was put on medication to correct it-/+
  • I have lost 30lbs! +
If you add up the + and the -, then obviously there were more moments of joy... But those - make the + marks almost invisible.

The only thing in the above list that makes any of 2010, was my wedding. Otherwise, I am SO incredibly happy that this year is drawing to an end. Usually I am in bed on New Year's Eve by 10pm... But this year, I will be up and celebrating the new 2011 year!

Here's to hoping that 2011 brings LOTS of joy and praise. Smiles and laughter. I chose to look forward, but always remember the past.