Sunday, May 22, 2011

Father's Day

So, I surely realize that all of my friends out there have the best husbands too, but sometimes I just have to talk about my lovely husband.

Sometimes, I am so in awe of this man! Battling and beating cancer TWO times. Being 37 and on complete, permanent diaability (for now at least), having to be on blood thinners, and worse, living in fear of a blood clot your entire life... Plus so many more things. I know, that when standing on the "edge" and being given the chance to survive, your entire view on life and love changes.
Almost everyday since I became pregnant with Wyatt, Matt has made us/worried about dinner and all meals. Every night after dinner he collects pajamas from our room, brings them to the bathroom, and sets up a warm salt bath. He walks with me 2-3 times a day, even when he doesnt feel good. He will go and buy the food i HAVE to have. He cleans our house top to bottom, drives Evan to church group, deals with all of his schoolwork... He rubs my belly, back whenever I am uncomfortable. Every single night, I lay across his chest and he rubs my back/hair until I fall asleep.
He just lives to do things and care for others! Completely selfless! I strive to be as giving as him!
I hope our son posesses Matt's selfless, giving traits.
I am so in love with this man!