Tuesday, May 24, 2011


When I found out I was pregnant, back in early January, I thought that each milestone was light years away! 12 weeks! 16 weeks! 20 weeks! and then when I thought about 24 weeks, I thought that there was NO way I would be getting to that point....

I made it! AND, with flying colors!!! The baby measures perfect, every time. His heart is perfect. My growth is perfect. Blood pressure perfect. I have gained about 3 lbs, in 24 weeks. Everything is perfect.

I was put through hell, losing 2 babies, to find out God's plan. He HAD a plan. He saved my life, before he let me grow a healthy life. Without those 2 babies, I would not have found out some health issues, lost all of my weight, quit smoking, etc. I thank God, and my 2 babies, for sacrificing their lives, for their brother Wyatt, and their mom.

Tomorrow, if Wyatt were to be born, he would have a 50-70% chance of survival. Everyday after tomorrow, the % goes up tremendously! I DO NOT want to have Wyatt this week, or any week soon, but I am starting to have a good relaxing calm, knowing that every week I go farther, I am looking at bringing my baby boy home! I know some people are probably wondering why I even worry, about preterm... Well, having lost 2, it is scary! I know everything has been perfect, so I don't really have a risk of preterm, per say, but its nice to know I am getting to a point where I am can breathe a bit easier.