Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Story of Us

I figured since we are on the 1 week countdown to our wedding - I thought it would be a sweet thing to write how Matt and I met, and our journeys to get to each other.

As some of you know, I started "dating" (I use that term VERY loosely!) Brett in 1999/2000. I was 19/20, young, dumb and ignorant. We were together for almost 8 years. He never wanted to be married, never wanted kids... Yet, I stuck around. He had a way of keeping me around, for his own good. It was a stupid, waste of time.
Matt was married to Evan's mom for about that exact time too. They got married because Evan's mom became pregnant with him. Matt was moved to Montana, Idaho, California and Texas by this woman. He split with her and moved to Solvang to live with his uncle. Not long after, he moved to his parents to help them out around their house, and to get back on his feet (Solvang didn't offer much in the form of work).
I only explain our 2 pasts, to show you how different they were from each other, and the paths that we had to take to find each other.
Brett and I broke up around April of 2008. We were actually in the middle of buying a home (in escrow, that's how close). I will spare you the break up drama and antics. We continued to live together in this home. I figured, why make him leave to live in an apartment or hotel while waiting for his house in escrow. See now, I would have said "Get the F out of my house!!!", but back then, I was still not a mature woman, and I was under his lead. It was an interesting few months to say the least. He would try to convince me to stay and move with him, I was FINALLY at the end of my rope. I stayed.
Around May, I joined a website called plenty of fish. I figured "what the heck, I could use some new friends at least." I wasn't looking for the next man, or Mr Right, just seeing what was out there. I mean, I was trapped in B's web since I was 19 years old.. My 20s were over half way over! I met a few people, who just ended up being the typical online pervs.
Then, one night I was sitting in the living room, pondering my future when I sent Matt a message. He was online and we ended up chatting for hours into the night/morning. For some reason, meeting the other people "in real life" was fine, but I was nervous about meeting Matt. Did I already know he was the one? Doubtful... But something told me to take it slow, get to know him more. Matt was pretty persistent with wanting to meet me. By now, it was June (late June, actually!) and he really wanted to take me to dinner. On the 27th or so we were texting and I kept kind of shrugging him off. I think we might have planned to meet that Sunday, but I wussed out, again.
Finally on that Monday, Matt called me and said "I am taking you to dinner tonight, and you cannot say no!". I obliged. It's funny because at around 4pm I was out front of my house talking to a friend and I got a text from Matt saying "You better be getting ready!"... I wasn't. I was wussing out. Then, the friend who I was talking to said "Just go! You'll have fun!". So, I got ready and walked over to my moms so that I didnt put on a show for Mr Paranoid Brett. Matt showed up a few hours later, and the MINUTE I met him, I knew I would marry him one day. Now, I know it sounds corny.. But don't you hear those old married couples say these things? "I knew I would marry him the minute I met him"... That's how Matt and I were. We ate at La Paloma that night, and to this day it's "our place". The dinner went really well, and after dinner I told him he needed to buy some new shoes. He showed up in BRIGHT WHITE shoes. In typical Emily fashion, I spoke my mind, had him drive to Kohls, and bought some brown Converse. He still has them to this day :)
We had coffee that night, and talked more than we could have over text or phone. About life, exes, jobs, etc. He dropped me off at home, and we continued to talk and text all night. The next night, Matt came out again to take me to dinner, and invited my mom this time. We all went to Bangkok Blue. Love that place. The next night we had a family birthday and Matt came to Claim Jumper with us. We were inseparable, and to believe I wussed and dodged him for over a month! That weekend we took off to Vegas for 3 nights for The 4th of July. Some people were pretty skeptical of us leaving for Vegas after only physically knowing each other for a week, but I tell you - if you want to know if you're compatible with someone.. Do just THAT. Go to a hotel for a weekend. By the end of the weekend, you will know if you want to shoot them, or snuggle them! I was just more head-over-heels with Matt when the weekend ended.
The rest is pretty much history... And in 1 week from today, I will marry the man of my dreams in front of my friends and family. I know this will be my first and only marriage. I love you Matt, with everything inside of me. You really are my savior, my soul, my love. Without you, I don't even want to think of the places I would be. LOVE.