Thursday, March 11, 2010

March is finally here!

This month has FINALLY arrived! I was so glad to kiss February goodbye. That month represented receiving bad news, miscarrying and sad times for us. There were some bright spots in February, but nothing to trump the sadness we had. Having March arrive, kind of helped clear that palate.

March... Evan turned 11 years old on the 3rd! I cannot believe I am about to be a step mom to an 11 year old!! He is finishing his 5th grade year over at Roynon, and will be on his way to Ramona Middle School come the fall. I remember Ramona! Here come those "confusing" years for any adolescent! He is a good kid, and I think his transition to middle school will be a smooth one. He got his 2nd trimester report card on Tuesday and has ALL A's and B's! Even brought his Science B to an A! But, his teacher notes were not good. :( Disrupting his classmates, disrupting his teacher while she teaches, and not staying on task. How do you do that, but still have A's and B's?? So, it kind of was a "push" report card. We have a teacher conference today and will see if it is as serious as we read it to be, or if its only a small issue. I have SO many teacher friends, and I would hate to think there are kids who are disrupting on a daily basis!

Since I found out there may have been a diabetic problem, I have been eating great and walking 3 miles a day, plus using my Wii Fit Plus. Since I found out I was pregnant, I have lost 19 pounds!! I am SO excited, and I can actually SEE the differences in my body. I would *like* to lose another 30+, but I am taking it slow, and keeping it so that it doesn't "feel" like a diet. I am happy to have lost weight before my wedding/honeymoon!

Matt continues his infusions on an every 6 week schedule. It has helped his psoriasis, but not helped TOO much with his arthritis. He is scheduled for an MRI for his shoulder (that has basically started to deteriorated) sometime in the coming week, so hopefully start the process of reconstructive therapy. I hate seeing the nurse here every 6 weeks, all the meds and especially the IV pump that we store in our spare room. It just reminds me that for the next 4 days or so, Matt will be in bed and not feeling well. But, it is helping. :) We have kept him out of the hospital for almost a year (besides a few ER visits, which we don't count!) now!

Our wedding is approaching quickly! On Saturday we will be 1 week away. And comparing how fast these last weeks have gone, it will be here SO quickly! I pick up my dress tomorrow! I was so lucky to find "the dress" on the first day of looking, and even more lucky to not have to need ANY alterations! Only a bustle! I can't wait to have my dress in my possession! My shoes will be ready on Monday (being colored). Matt's suit looks awesome, we picked it up from alterations on Tuesday. Evan (ring bearer), Hillary (flower girl - niece) are all ready. Now it's just small things to do. We ended up going with a Karaoke DJ! I am SO happy. I was having nightmares about not having an MC announcing anything, and just envisioned chaos! Food, tables, chairs, linens, everything is done! Just some brushing up the yard and house for the big day! Tomorrow I go for a MUCH needed facial! And on Saturday I am having a small family bridal shower/party! SO excited!

On Easter, Matt and I leave for our glorious 5 day stay in Las Vegas for our honeymoon! We were upgraded to a King Suite and CANNOT wait to sit in the huge jacuzzi in our room! The day we come home from Vegas, I will be celebrating my 30th birthday! I am looking forward to it, but also it's a little bittersweet. My 20s were wasted on someone worthless, and I didn't get to experience much. But, during my 20s I met the man that will be my husband!

My mom has been a God send. She has basically financed EVERYTHING, all without any help from anyone. She is amazing. We are so thankful and grateful for all of her givings so unselfishly. If we win the millions in Vegas, she will be the first we share with! Love you mom!

Stay tuned for all of our wedding, bridal shower, honeymoon and more pictures!! <3