Saturday, February 27, 2010

Our wedding and honeymoon and more...

So last year Matt and I were at Sunset Station (where we stay and love in Las Vegas) and had SO many issues with our rooms and service. We didn't complain, but the resort sent us one of those surveys. We filled it out and didn't have our normal satisfactory reviews. A few days later we received an email from the Director of Hotel Operations regarding our survey. We emailed a few times, and actually had a reservation made to go back. Matt's health took a dive and we had to cancel our trip. We decided to book our honeymoon there because we had an offer for 4 free nights. So we booked it and then I sent this woman an email regarding our upcoming stay. I never heard back from her, so being the persistent woman that I am, emailed her again last night. She wrote back and said she had left to another Station Resort, but was forwarding my information to the new director of H.O. I thought nothing about it, and didn't think I would hear anything from them again. Well, this afternoon I had an email from him and he was SO courteous and nice, and told us that he knows their staff will take great care of us, and that he took the liberty of upgrading our room to a King Suite!!! We were just talking the other day about how cool it would have been to be able to stay in a suite with one of those jacuzzi tubs! We are SO excited! Our honeymoon will be one that we never forget!

We are still on the hunt for our Taco Man! I got a lot of numbers, never thinking there would be SO many Taco Men! Hopefully we can find one who is available soon. Tomorrow we are going to get Evan and Matt their tuxedos! I can't wait to see them all decked out and spiffed up!

Everything is coming together so perfectly, again, letting me know this is exactly where I am supposed to be, and with who I am supposed to be. I love my life. With everything that is going on, I wouldn't change ANYTHING for ANYONE!

I am healing pretty well from the miscarriage, but can't get rid of these awful cramps! I hope they go away within a few days, because they HURT! I still can't believe I went through everything I did on Wednesday night. It's like a scary, foggy dream. Glad it's over, but I will never forget!

It hailed today! This rain is amazing. Amazing as it is, I hope it leaves soon! I'm SO over it. I am definitely a California, flip flops, shorts and tank top girl! I can't wait for the summer..

Tonight I will be praying for everyone in Chile, and Hawaii. Godspeed to all of the survivors and victims.