Friday, January 7, 2011


Blogging truly is a GREAT way to let off steam. An easy way to vent, and not have to worry about the reactions from people. You ultimate goal is to write a blog for yourself, but, you make it public for those that want to read about your life. A Public Diary. I can't even begin to imagine just how many blogs are out there. Have you ever hit the "Next Blog" button? You could do it for days and never see the same one twice. I will do just that on occasion too, and have written and become friends with some of the authors of those great blogs.

I also like to look around for free backgrounds that people make and publish. There is a website that I LOVE going to, and I use her backgrounds all of the time: - Jennifer makes them all and she does a FANTASTIC job. I recently saw on her blog that you could request a background, and so, I did. I told her about my beans, and how much I loved sock monkeys and not but 4-5 days later, there is it! Titled "Beans" and "For Emily"! How sweet! So, welcome to the new Bean background blog :) I am so excited to have a background that is actually personalized to me.