Sunday, August 1, 2010

And the countdown begins!!!

Evan will be home in ONE week! It's hard to believe that he left us on June 17th, and not even a week later we were bored out of our minds, and missing him like crazy! Matt and I did have a great time just relaxing, resting and loving each other though. It will be great to have him back and take him to the skate park, his new church youth group, and shopping for his new junior high stuff. I can't say that I loved having him gone, but I did enjoy the one-on-one time I got to spend with his dad for 6 weeks.

Oh the stories we have heard, and those are the ones just over the phone! Evan's mom seems to be completely incapable of being a mother, a decent one at that. We talked to Evan on Sundays during his trip to Utah, and the things we heard were jaw dropping! His dinners consisted of bagels, fruit snacks, and other very unhealthy options for a growing preadolescent! One Sunday we got our call from him at 10PM (OUR TIME), 11PM Utah time. Granted, it is Summer, but personally I don't think an 11 year old needs to be up at midnight every day of the week. His mom told him she was going to get him new glasses, a new cell phone and take him to her dermatologist. Guess how many of those things got accomplished? None. That's right. Almost 2 months in, and she has done nothing. She bought him some new underwear though! *shakes head*. How can a mom be so disconnected, and not so, well... motherly? I am not his biological mom, and I have MANY instincts. Oh, and last week we got a friend request from Evan on FB. I think this is too young to be online (FB does too, as their age requirements say 13). We may let him keep it, but will monitor and not allow inappropriate things to go on. I just feel bad because I know Evan loves his mom no matter what, but I wish he would see the things she says/promises are not ever followed through on. I don't want to manipulate, but I DO want him to realize how much his dad and I do for him, on a VERY fixed income. He has never gone without, but yet, his mom still seems to be the person who can do no wrong. It's very heartbreaking, and frustrating. I just pray that his transition from being an 11 year old with absolutely no responsibilities (and basically looked after by a not so Christian 14 year old brother), to a boy in a Christian, responsible home is smooth! We have a lot of surprises for him when he does get home and we cannot WAIT to share them with him!!