Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Little Miracles...

So, as only a few of you know - I am PREGNANT! Ironically, this morning I had my 1st prenatal appointment and started to bleed about an hour before going to see the Doc... As most of you know, I miscarried in February, so the sight of blood was devastating.

We got to the Dr.'s and he did urine tests and took a peak inside, to find a good amount of blood. And not spotting, bleeding. Again, I was devastated. He sent me over to L&D, who did a quick peak, but since I am not over 5 months, couldn't do much, and sent me to the ER. I got an ultrasound (which the tech wouldn't say anything to me or let me see), blood work and more urine samples.... After several hours of waiting, the Dr came in to tell me that my baby is ALIVE and OK! I weep as I write this... Babies heart rate was 160BPM and my HCG levels are in the perfect range. Baby measured 10 weeks and 5 days - RIGHT on target.

I was diagnosed with Placenta Previa, where the placenta is covering my cervix. This is considered high risk for miscarriage, and I will also need to have a C section, so that I do not dilate. I was put on a no lifting/running/straining "diet".

I did not plan on announcing for another couple of weeks, but due to this amazing outcome, I feel it would be time. I also would appreciate and ask for all of your prayers in the scary/nervous time. I ask that you pray for this babies strength and for a healthy, full term baby.

Thank you all! :)