Monday, August 30, 2010

Not much

Not much on my mind this morning... Which is a relaxing feeling. Today I venture out back to work after being off since August 6th. I was put on bed rest back then for the bleeding, hoping to return to work not much long after that, but then ended up miscarrying. I work with my mom, so it will be a comforting thing going back. She took great care of me, and I know she will continue, too.

Last night I was in the shower and was telling Matt that I actually felt completely back to normal - hormone wise. It was a great feeling actually. Of course I would do/give anything to be nauseated and bloated still, but since I can't be, I will take the feelings of feeling totally normal again.

I just can't get over how resilient your brain and heart are. When you are in despair, you feel like you want to stay there, to stay sad to remember the one you lost. Like if you keep those emotions going, you will be able to remember longer or something. Your body doesn't allow it! In fact, I feel more of a person/adult having gone through what I have. Happier... Stronger! Your prayers for my strength were heard! Amen!!

God is amazing. As much as I was angry with Him before, I know now that He has a plan. I walk with Him and talk with Him and know He will guide us down the road we need to be on.

Have a great week everyone!!