Thursday, December 23, 2010

Finally done..

...with blood work! I swear I was at the lab at LEAST 10 times in the last 3 months. But, it all payed off in the end. I had a nice long chat with my ob Dr. yesterday... All of my tests as far as the chromosomes and genetic makeup are normal, but one test that has to do with antibodies and some hemoglobin (not sure if that was it) was elevated. It was the 'IGM'.. She said if this came back elevated again, we might have somewhat of an answer for the 2 miscarriages. She said if it was still elevated I would most likely be put on lovenox (which I know ALL too well with Matt) shots during a pregnancy. God had mercy on me and my test came back COMPLETELY normal! This was GREAT news to us.
The crappy part about this news? My Doc can't give me any answers. It's kind of a 'shrug your shoulders' deal where she can't really say why it happened twice. I have my thoughts on why it probably happened, but no one can/will ever know for sure.
She said that with the weight loss, quitting smoking long before the pregnancy, losing the 40 lbs and being on prenatal vitamins and Metformin for months before the pregnancy will all play a 'GREAT odds' hand in the next pregnancy. She is pretty confident that it will end in a live, healthy birth.
I pray DAILY that she is right, and I pray that God help us in this upcoming adventure. I hope that he gives me courage and strength to not freak out and be nervous constantly during the pregnancy too.
Tomorrow marks 10 months since Baby Bean was born, and exactly 2 months before Jakob Bean's due date. I hate the 24th.
We are off to Church to Christmas service! We were so stoked that our Church offered the service tonight as well as tomorrow! This means tomorrow will be an all day pajama/baking/snuggling/family day! :)
Merry Christmas everyone!! And Happy New Year too!