Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Is the day I go back to hear all my results on the last 3 months of blood work. When we saw the doctor back September, she said "Don't get pregnant until I see you in December, then we will see where we are at, and I can give you the "green light"". Well, today is that day. I'm SO nervous. I already know that most of my blood work came back normal, because my primary looked it all up a few weeks ago. But, maybe there is something she didn't tell me, or she will want me to wait longer. I don't actually mind if she tells me to wait another month or two, but I worry if she says "Don't do it at all". I doubt this will happen, but it still freaks me out.
I had received so many answers in the last 2 months that I just couldn't bear to hear anymore bad news.
Tomorrow, I would be hitting 30 weeks with Jakob. It's amazing how time flies. So many what ifs and should haves!

Wish me luck! I definitely need it today!