Sunday, December 5, 2010

2010 is working out to be a not so bad year after all!

So, not many of you probably know this, but I have been a smoker for over 10 years! Minus the pregnancies of course (Which wasn't very long, and I did smoke in the beginning of each pregnancy, before I knew I was pregnant). I started back up after this last miscarriage, and probably doubled the amount I smoked. I kept telling myself every year that I would quit, but never did. Set a date, tried to cut down... Nothing worked. After this last miscarriage, at first I didn't care, and didn't WANT to stop. And all of the other times I "planned" on quitting, it was for someone else.

Not this time. This time it was for me.

So, my New Year's Resolution started 1 month early...

And it's been 5 WHOLE days without ONE cigarette! To you non smokers, this doesn't sound like much, but to you smokers, this is like a living hell. But, the awesome thing is that it's NOT bad at ALL! I'm using the patch, and it's working great! I guess it wouldn't work that good unless you actually WANT to stop smoking.

I feel so.. healthy, clean and just alive! I know, I'm stupid, but it's SO true.

The other amazing thing is that now, I can do ANYTHING! Again, for non smokers, you might not get it, but when you smoke, pretty much EVERYTHING in your life is revolved around when you can have your next cigarette. At work you countdown until your next break. At home you pause movies to go smoke. You hardly get to enjoy a meal because you are outside smoking before it's even hit your stomach. You don't go do certain things because it takes away from your smoking. It's an addiction, like every other drug, drink, well... addiction.

In 2010 I can gladly say:
I stopped biting my nails (not a huge deal, but I bit them since I was 9!)
Stopped being addicted to food and soda
Lost nearly 40 lbs!

It feels awesome. I didn't intend on announcing it, but the extra support could come in handy!

For you smokers, try the patch! Don't bother going cold turkey, or cutting down daily (won't work!), or using the E Cigg. Set a date and put on the patch. The first step of putting it on is the hardest, but really, once its been on 20 mins or so, you don't even think about smoking!

For once I can proudly say - YAY ME!!!