Sunday, December 19, 2010

What a year!

This year has brought some amazing changes to my life, and the lives of our families. But the biggest (no pun intended) physical change has been of myself. Although I am hesitant and slightly ashamed (and embarrassed) to share the before pictures with you, I will proudly, because of the huge change I have made!

I didn't use a fad diet. I didn't starve myself. I simply changed my lifestyle. I ate less, and exercised more. What a concept, right? Its true: DIETS DON'T WORK! Really, they don't. If you want to lose weight, and successfully keep it off - don't diet. Eat better, smaller portions, and better food. And then, get your butt outside (or inside, wherever you prefer) and move it!

When I started to officially change my life, I was wearing a size 20W. Now, I am VERY close to squeezing into a 12. My goal is to fit comfortably into a size 10. But, I am not going to punish myself if I don't pull it off quickly, or at all.

I am SO darn proud of myself. My life back "then" was sad. Depressing. I just didn't care. Now I care. I will be upset with myself if I don't get some form of exercise everyday. I also cannot even look at the food I used to eat. This morning at Church Matt bought a donut for himself and one for me. I took 2 bites and handed it over to him. I can't even bring myself to eat such sugary/fattening foods anymore. Now, to someone who is not overweight eating these things on occasion are fine, but to me, its bad news. It only reminds me of the bad ways I had.

So, without further ado... Here are the dreaded pictures.


AFTER (well, currently)
(Don't mind my cheesy grin and lack of makeup, as this was a more candid shot Matt took)